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6Box Media has been producing online video content for the national and international market since 2008. With 6Box Live we offer high-end online broadcasting opportunities for our partners. In doing so we make use of live-switching production which enables a broadcast to be viewed live online immediately after the end of an event or seminar and/or later, on-demand.

6Box Live offers its partners a tailored broadcast plan, fine tuned to the wishes and expectations of the partner. Regardless of the price level, we offer a high-end solution.

We guarantee our partners content that is of television grade quality and we provide advice and put our heads together to plan the content of your broadcasts and recordings.

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The 6Box Media team comprises experienced cameramen, editors, project managers and art directors. With our years of experience and our expertise we guarantee our partners content of the highest quality. If desired, we will work together on the content, publication and distribution of your content.

Besides looking after the audiovisual aspects, we are keen to assist you in your creative thought process. So we can custom-develop a concept in order to realise your goals.

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Our broadcast services can be used for any purposes, regardless of whether you wish to broadcast live or integrally. We serve both the B2B market with internal and external projects, and the B2C market on location at events.


Live online event.


Physical and online


Online learning situations


For employees or clients


Live or afterwards on demand


Live broadcasting on screens


Live, semi-live or on-demand


As a whole or exposition highlights

6Box Live, your partner in online broadcasting.


We offer each partner tailor-made technical facilities. This means that we can guarantee the highest possible quality and all desired options. We think along with you in order to create the right technical result and content.

We can offer the full range of options for producing broadcasts of television grade quality. Besides all the usual options we offer many other online broadcasting services, such as:

Up to 100,000 simultaneous viewers

Thanks to our powerful servers we can offer the unique option of a capacity of up to 100,000 simultaneous viewers.

Professional camera work

We have cameramen with years of training and professional experience. As a result we are able to guarantee high-grade picture quality.

Experienced directors and producers

Our directors and producers won their spurs in the worlds of television and advertising, before they moved on to online media. This means that your production is always in experienced and expert hands

Every device a camera

Our software makes it possible, in addition to using professional cameras, to use every device as a camera. For example Google Glass and mobile devices. This makes it possible to have extra camera angles at no extra cost.

Dynamic shots

Using manned cameras enables a greater variety of shots and setups. You are not tied to standard setups in the same way as with unmanned, remote-controlled cameras.

Every possible (interactive) integration

Integration with PowerPoint, Twitter, YouTube, RSS Feeds, Skype, Google Hangout and Chat.

Universally embeddable

We offer unlimited publication or distribution of your content, which is for example embeddable on Facebook, websites or a special landing page.

Picture within a picture

Within one picture, you can switch between (for example) cameras, YouTube videos and PowerPoint presentations. This offers the possibility of adding additional layers of information to your production. 

Flexible live camera operation

We offer the option of flexible live-switching camera production. In this way we are not tied to a fixed place, which is the case with remote-controlled cameras. This means that your recording is not tied to a location.

For all devices

Our back-end makes it possible to broadcast your production for viewing on all devices, without the need for extra software to be installed. This applies to both computers and mobile devices.


Besides realising the production of your broadcast in accordance with your wishes we offer, if desired, editorial support and advice in putting together your broadcast. We do this by using 6Box Media’s own creative professionals, and also with parties like: The Speakers Academy, 7Ditches TV & MKB Servicedesk.


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6Box Live

Online Broadcast Services

In recent years our professionals have applied their efforts with a great deal of pleasure and expertise, on behalf of both small to medium businesses and multinationals. Both nationally and internationally. We would be very pleased to offer you a chance to take a look behind the screens and to get to know our team, and to gain an impression of the great variety of options and studio settings that exist. We hope that we may be able to present our services to you ‘live’ in the near future.

6Box Media Group

6Box Live is part of the 6Box Media Group. Within the 6Box Media Group we offer the widest possible array of video and streaming services. If you would like to know more about our other services, feel free to contact us.